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Customer service is dying

james arp

By james arp

I am not opinionated nor do i always demand perfection and I do have patience, but I learned a saying many years ago "never pass a fault" and the more I think about it, it is true in our everyday lives. If you see something wrong correct it or at least bring attention to it so it can be corrected.
I had two recent experiences with two well known restaurants. I made mention of the problem to the proper authorities but it appears they either don’t care or are so slow in addressing issues, complaints that another complaint needs to be made and here is the place to do it.
A couple weeks ago I was one of a billion served at a restaurant on Bayfield St. It was 5:22 AM, I ordered my coffee just after a vehicle to my front pulled off to collect their order. I ordered, moved around the corner to see three vehicles the first was leaving the pickup window the other two moving forward and I could see the cashier leaving the first window to go towards the second. This is not unusual. This is where the patience comes in I waited where I was told to pay, and waited and waited and when I was just about to move up to the second window the cashier arrived time now 5:30. For those counting 8 minutes in. The girl opens the window asks if I ordered I said I did and repeated my order, I was then questioned as to which intercom I went to. If you already guessed the restaurant I am at you know at this time a garbage can is blocking one. I told her which one I used and then she said “I am sorry he forgot to punch it in”, I then paid and was told to go to second window and that it would be still a couple minutes. At the next window again I indeed wait no 8 minutes but three and at 5:33 had my coffee yes I said coffee and I was on my way disappointed and behind schedule.
I promptly would a letter of complainant to head office and received a response with a reference number and advised the store manager would contact me that was the 29th October. Again think I have been patient. Guess I might not be important enough to reach out too still close to a billion other customers why care about one.
Now just last week before 6 am on the south bound highway 400 stopped again at one of our famous coffee places. We see a long line but most times they are pretty quick, mind you my first time at this one. So we wait and wait the line does not really move. Near 8 minutes in finally at the intercom, again with the waiting. Now it might just be my luck but really I just want a coffee is it that hard. While still waiting and at the intercom no one talking to use but I know it works as I heard the lad before me order, we decide to leave. It is that schedule thing. Now if you know this establishment as it is the same every where the drive thru is timed if you walk in you can see the countdown clock, only possible reason I can think no one is taking or order and why the line was so slow.
Again I filed a complaint letter; things will never change if we just lie down and take this kind of customer service. Got another automated response and have yet to hear anything from the stakeholder, the store owner once again I might be just one person but a courtesy call or email would be just fine but not to acknowledge drives me nuts and it should everyone.
I have had positive experiences and I will continue to frequent these places. We need to band together a bit and remind these people without us you have nothing and we can always go elsewhere. A store needs to be reminded the customer is the most important person they will see during the day, make it so you see us again.

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