Dine and dashers charged

Two Barrie residents have been arrested and charged with dining and dashing at a city restaurant last month.

Brent and Kelly Mollon are shown with son Jack. Brent, an orthopedic surgeon, and Kelly, a family doctor, are among several doctors and specialists the Orillia Area Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee has recently recruited to the area. SUBMITTED PHOTO

New doctors recruited to Orillia

As they look out over the pristine waters of Lake Couchiching, where their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Jake, loves to splash and play, Brent and Kell

Storytime musings

My friend, Cecile Ritchie, told me in confidence that she never trusted Cinderella and suspects the lost shoe incident was no accident; she is convinc

Cruiser cut off

INNISFIL – A driver was charged with impaired after a police cruiser was cut off by another vehicle late Saturday.

Rollover charge

INNISFIL – A Barrie man was charged with impaired driving after his car rolled over on 10 Sideroad, near the 9th Line, just after midnight Monday.