PAPER VIEW: Ad with that?

This week, some riffing on local advertising. For me, it’sa much more interesting zone since leaving it as a full-time gig six years ago.

The $120.5-million Barrie-Simcoe Emergency Services Campus needs a decision from city council. City of Barrie image

Decide on campus

If a majority of city councillors don't want to build a proposed, $120.5-million Barrie-Simcoe Emergency Services Campus, they should just say so.

LETTER: Help the homeless

The Friends Of The Homeless are a group of people who care about our homeless who are struggling to survive in Barrie. Everyone needs at least one friend to help them through difficult times and we want to be that friend to the homeless.

Legal weed, steam show: LETTERS

By now, half of Barrie’s households should have received Alex Nuttall’s provocatively titled flier ‘Legal Weed’, asking the deceptive question, ‘Do you think marijuana should be legal?’

Keyboard warriors beware

The World Wide Web made its debut in 1990 and it's still a relatively young technology. Perhaps that's why it still resembles the wild west, where anything and everything goes.


Single approach: ROOT ISSUES

When I first became politically aware, I noticed many pressing social problems: income inequality, housing shortages, urban sprawl, resource depletion, toxins in our air and water, and looming over it all, climate change due to burning fossil fuels.

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