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Glen MacKay

By Glen MacKay

Now that we have warmer weather in Ontario a sickly smell is now wafting through the air.
Since the city of Barrie has gone to bi-weekly garbage collection this has caused rotting garbage to permeate the air throughout the city.
In doing the bi-weekly pick up now residents have to store 2 weeks worth of trash in and around their homes.
This will in turn draw several unwanted and less desirable effects.
Frist of the effects is the stench that now is floating through the residential areas causing it to be unpleasant to spend time outside and henceforth allow people to open windows to naturally cool their homes.
The next effect that this will have on the city will be in the form of unwanted animals entering the city.
If you've ever been to a dump you most likely have seen swarms of seagulls picking at the refuse.
Bears also tend to venture towards the smell of rotting food looking for a meal.
Many other animals also like to tear into a bag of garbage.
With the effect of all these animals drawn to our yards there is an increased possibility of contact with them.
Now this also brings on the effect of contact with disease from the animals, rodents, and flies etc.
Unsanitary conditions will prevail as rainwater leaches bacteria into our waters and makes a swim at our beautiful lakefront a gamble.

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