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Parents should raise their kids

Paolo Fabrizio, Special to the Examiner

Most weeks after I write this column I ask the Saint to read it before I send it in to the Examiner, and many of the times we just argue about it and I send it to the newspaper anyway.

She disapproves of the way I put things in a negative way and she tries to get me to change it.

Be more positive, be nicer and my favourite one is when she says "geez I wonder why we have no friends," and 100% of the times the Examiner agrees with her.

I don't mind if the Saint gets angry and I don't get upset with the newspaper when it gives feedback on my column, but I never listen and just go with the column as is.

Well this week I'm putting my big mouth and bigger ego on the shelf, and I will listen to the Saint and the Examiner.

I know how to read, surprise yeah I know, but I can in fact read, and when you wonderful readers send me e-mails like you're doing this week, there is no way. You know that I will not even touch this topic with a 10-foot pole, no how, no way.

You can call me soft, it doesn't matter I won't get fazed.

This week I will write about how beautiful Barrie is and how wonderful the Barrie Colts are and I can't wait for the Barrie Baycats, but I am not talking about 'Premier Wonderful' and her new sex-ed curriculum for school children and I refuse to talk about Benjamin Levin.

I'm covering my ears, I can't hear you, I will not talk about the desensitization of our children and I am not bringing up the fact that Mr. Levin, one of the brains behind this curriculum, is facing child-porn charges, no way.

Yes, I appreciate your comments on Premier Kathleen Wynne's agenda, but I will not be commenting on them. I may be a big loudmouth, but even I know when to stay quiet and commenting on anything the premier says or does might make me look like a homophobe, or anti-woman. You won't get a peep from me.

I think the premier is fantastic and she's a hard worker. I am aware that she is a role model to many of us, and she may well be the reason why my daughter has a bright future.

My little princess will be taking child psychology and child psychiatry this year, and the hope is that when she graduates it will be just in time to mend the many children who may be seeking professional help to cope with the traumatization that the sex education curriculum could cause them.

We are doomed; you can't even be the parents to your children. I warned you the government will be taking over our lives and slowly, but surely, it's happening. What's sadder is that we are also losing freedom of speech, as the premier appears to be protected by a giant shield and can't get criticized for anything she says, or does.

I'm sure they will find parents who say how great this new curriculum is, and I'm sure the government will keep statistics and show how great this curriculum turns out.

But stop allowing the government to dictate your lives. It has no idea how to run a province.

We can't rely on the government to raise our children, teach math, science, art and history and allow our children to grow up.

Stop playing mind games with our kids.

Paolo Fabrizio can be reached at paolo@libertyrulesradio.com and at www.libertyrulesradio.com

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