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Sex-ed talk puzzles board


Local Catholic school board officials are stumped over a comment by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty insisting that Catholic schools will have to teach sex education like any public school.

His comments Wednesday came despite reports that his government was willing to let Catholics develop their own sex-ed curriculum.

"I don't distinguish between two school systems when it comes to our curriculum," he said, almost a week after shelving an explosive sex-ed program. "God love them, but we have a single curriculum when it comes to mathematics, when it comes to history, when it comes to world studies and when it comes to sexual education, and we'll find a way so that it suits all our children."

Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board spokesperson Diane Legg said it currently uses a health and physical education program including family life education, developed with partners including the Institute for Catholic Education.

The board's programming, she added, is developed within the context of Catholic values.

And she said that Catholic schools have the denominational right to develop a curriculum following the merits of their faith.

"We've had the Constitutional right to do that," said Legg.

Any changes in curriculum would be examined "to see how to align it with church values," she added.

Outrage over the controversial sex-ed lessons grew so loud that McGuinty abruptly dropped the program last Thursday.

Neither the premier, nor the Education Ministry usually signs off on revisions to the curriculum, but McGuinty admitted he should have realized that sex-ed is a "horse of a different colour."

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