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Why is Patrick Brown, Pretending?

Myles Clayton

By Myles Clayton

Why is Patrick Brown, Pretending?
Patrick Brown has been in the news lately, boasting that he has been in Northern Ontario 29 times since he has been elected as the PC leader. Mr. Brown also had a big news release on how only his Party’s Northern members can vote on Northern issues. Sounds good eh?
Let’s take a closer look at Mr. Brown’s statements for a moment. Why is Mr. Brown spending more time in the North as of late? Could it be, that there has been unity issues within the conservative party that has led to the resignation of several Riding Association board members during this past summer? Could it be that the Northern Ontario Party continues to gain strength in the North and will play a major role at Queens Park after the next election? Or could it be that Mr. Brown is afraid of losing the election because of the NOP?
What Mr. Brown needs to realize is that Northerners are tired of having Southern politicians pretending to care about Northern Ontario prior to an election and then disappearing when its time to pay the piper. Just because you came up to the North for a summer retreat once or twice it doesn’t mean you can relate to the hardships that the Northern people have to face due to the lack of concern by current and previous southern-focused governments.
Now Mr. Brown has announced that he will only allow his northern members to vote on Northern issues of his platform. Sounds good eh? Let's take a closer look at this as well. There are currently only 10 Northern dedicated items in his platform, that is less than 8 % of his total platform. Another question, one would ask is what does Mr. Brown consider a Northern member, many people from Barrie consider themselves Northern, so will they get to vote on these Northern items as well?
Trevor Holliday the Northern Ontario Party leader, states Mr. Brown needs to put his money where his mouth is. If you really care about the North, take on our challenge and promise to create a Northern run Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry! Reinstate the Northlander Rail Service! But we bet you won’t! Northerners no longer want a false prophet to say they will lead them to the promised land. Northerners want to see real action and a Northern solution that only the Northern Ontario Party can deliver because we live here and understand the Northern condition.
So, Mr. Brown before you start promising to fix the North, you might want to solve your own party problems first.

Thank you
Myles Clayton
Media and Social Media Manager
Northern Ontario Party

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