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why we run a deficit

james arp

By james arp

So just venting here, but I do speak from fact. A person may need a leg up once and a while and Ontario has programs in place to provide that. They are welfare and Ontario works. If your not aware people abuse these programs, I know I know I was shocked too, but did you know that regardless of that you will continue to get the support. Let me give you an example, did you know you can be found guilty of fraud, in that you may be on Ontario works plead guilty to fraud because you received $39000 in benefits over a number of years, while you were employed and earned lets say $50000 a year. So now your sentenced to repay that amount, you make a tiny dent the day you plead, and then not again till you face new charges, why because you never paid like you were suppose to. So now let's go back your out of work and go back on benefits from Ontario works and you make a small payment why because you now have some money and you want it to look good on your trail date. So I leave you with this who is paying back Ontario works the criminal or Ontario works. Look at it this way I loan you $10 you can't pay me back I loan you another 10 you give it back and say were even. We wonder why Ontario can't turn a profit.

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