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Some reflections on politics in general as we approach thec Liberals benchmark 100 days in office.

John Zvanitajs

By John Zvanitajs

I was brought up in a family with small ``c`` conservative values. I have voted in every Federal, Provincial and Municipal election ever since I came of age. I have never missed an election and in most cases, where applicable, I voted PC because their policies more or less reflected my own feelings. However if I felt strongly enough about something, I voted in support of that issue rather than a party line. I remember being so disillusioned at one point, that I voted Green just because I could not bring myself to support either major party yet still had to exercise my right to vote.
I defined myself was a `Progressive Conservative``. When the Conservative party was decimated after Brian Mulroney, I still held fast to my core beliefs. But then came ``Reform``, and I strongly felt that this was not a party that I could support.
After McKay & Harper amalgamated the two parties, they changed one very important aspect; they removed `Progressive` not only from the name, but also from the new parties ideology. In my mind `Progressive` gave the party a social conscience, something that was missing under Harpers autocratic `top down` way of governing. I tried, I truly did, I tried to stick with them but as time went by the party I had supported had under Stephen Harper become the `Regressive Conservatives` and it held no place for me.
There are subtle signals that the post Harper conservatives may be changing, growing a heart and looking to bring some of the old PC values back. If that happens, it will be a good day for all Canadians.
In the mean time, we elected the Liberals to govern our country and I will support their efforts to do so in any way possible. After all, if the Liberals are successful, we all succeed.
As a final thought, in our political system, we have an elected governing party and the `Loyal Opposition``. If the party in power is not your party of choice, be the `Loyal Opposition``, feel free to criticize the government of the day, hold their feet to the fire on issues, but STOP the stupid, pre-pubescent putdowns that we see on social media every day, stand with Canada, support our government and if you choose, become involved and work to elect a different party next time. That is what makes our system so great.

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