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How to park a car in Barrie

Chris M

By Chris M

To the elderly gentleman driving the current model Ford F150 (grey in colour) who waited for me on Tuesday October 27th mid-morning to come out of Princess Auto in Barrie and accuse me of parking in a Handicap Parking space. I encourage you to go see an Optometrist as well take a Driver's License Examination to ensure that you are qualified to operate a motorized vehicle as you lack perception and sound judgement. Please know that at a certain point the Handicap Parking spots do come to an end and the regular parking spots for us more than able bodies begin which is precisely where my vehicle was situated. As a 41 year old male, physically healthy, business professional, Barrie resident and I do not appreciate you trying to accuse me of being in the wrong, especially when I was not. I asked you to stay put, so I could call the Police and they could also point out to you how a parking lot works, but you had no desire and told me to "have it my way". I've written this letter, because this is a matter of principle. I strive to be an upstanding member of our community and truly believe in the City of Barrie. I really don't appreciate you ruining my day and you should mind your own business. Alternatively you had many options available had you truly believed I was in the incorrect parking space which of course would have been a complete waste of anyone's time and potential tax paying dollars. Please don't misjudge while operating your pickup truck. Regards, Concerned Citizen

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