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Why isn't something being done to find permanent housing for our the homeless in our city??

Margie Millar

By Margie Millar

We read about our city wanting to make sidewalks wider, improve on getting a better market area so venders can sell their produce, putting in splash pads , improving the waterfront and downtown area and finding ways to draw tourists to our city but nothing is being said about building a few places to get a majority of Barrie's Homeless off the streets.

There are three things our city counsel can do regards the homeless but only one helps them. They can pretend we do not have homeless people in our city , keep making them move around so they are not seen by the tourists visiting our city or they can acknowledge them and reach out to them.

A city the size of ours should have a few permanent building where the homeless can safely sleep at night and have actual beds ( not cots) to sleep in , a place that is run by the city ( not volunteers) , give out Free bus passes so the sick and elderly homeless can get to the places that serve food , provide a few more outreach van so all areas can be canvassed because there are homeless in the east,west,north and south end of our city. You can be sure a lot are not getting help because they cannot get to the Salvation Army,Busby Centre, or the outreach Van . We need a better system in helping our homeless ( All of them) !!

I worry about our homeless and it saddens me to know how they are living . Let them be seen, acknowledge they exist, show compassion, give them respect and the right to be treated the same as any other citizen in our city!! They are humans with feelings just like you and I. Pray for their safety as the streets can be dangerous and they are alone in the dark.

Please contact me if you have the same concerns as myself and a few others . We are going to help them anyway we can and we will help the Busby Centre and any other organization who needs help. Why?? Just because we care and we want to show the homeless that they have someone who cares about them and their well being and that somebody is praying for them !

Everybody please reach out and show you care. Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, quench the thirst of a homeless and last but not least" just do what you can when you can to make life easier for the less fortunate . It could be you needing help someday.

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