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Mind to Muscle is a strength and conditioning centre focused on training individuals to optimize their health and athletic performance. Our clientele includes people of ALL AGES (7 – 70) AND FITNESS LEVELS. We are the most educated and qualified coaches in the region. Additional Credentials include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, replica watches BSc. in Sports Medicine, Masters in Nutrition, Gatorade Institute, Masters in Science, Kinesiology, and FMS certifications. M2M Coaches have played the game! Including Pro Hockey, NCAA Basketball, varsity wrestling, soccer and triathlons solar powered toys. M2M Coaches are experienced working with athletes from minor sports to the NHL, NCAA and OHL.

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Mind to Muscle announces 2017 Summer Hockey Program!

We are excited to announce that registration for our 2017 M2M Summer Hockey Program is now OPEN...

Mind to Muscle attends Zach's Media Launch day!

"This humble dream is gaining some steam" said Zach's mom, Shelley. And today, it did...


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