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LETTER: Reinstate grants

As thrilled as many of us are to see the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) rule in favour of Burl's Creek, there is still a feeling of regret that it took as long as it did to issue the decision. We were very confident that the OMB would follow the wishes of most of the community and issue their approval. Had it been issued even a few days earlier, it

Readers react to letter: LETTERS

I am wondering where journalistic integrity is when a trite letter to the editor such as this, rife with inaccuracies and outright fallacies, is allowed to be published.

LETTER: Settlement unsettling

Justin Trudeau is not even halfway through his first mandate and continues to make make the kind of grievous decisions that will almost surely guarantee he will never see a second term as PM.

LETTER: Break on hydro bills

When we introduced Ontario's Fair Hydro Plan in March, our government committed to fundamentally restructuring the system to deliver the biggest cut to electricity rates in Ontario's history.

LETTER: Automation nation

Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth and the Liberals think that shoving up the minimum wage is going to be the cure-all for low-wage earners.

Auditorium, flags: LETTERS

I read that council may purchase W.A. Fisher Auditorium, so it can once again be a public facility for music and stage productions.

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