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LETTER: There are ways to improve

The Canadian government owns a central bank, which issues a floating non-convertible fiat currency and has maximum fiscal flexibility. The probability of default of federal debt in Canadian dollars is zero.

Time to discharge debt: LETTER

Jim Foster’s column 'Do geese talk to each other?' (Oct. 4) is absolutely delightful. I very much hope it is widely read – and chuckled over!

LETTER: Doctors' priorities

I become somewhat upset when I read of the medical profession and the discontent of the doctors regarding their salaries. It was recently stated that the "average" physician's salary is $378,000 per year. How could anyone be dissatisfied with that?

Justin Trudeau

Canadians treated equally: LETTER

Liberals in our area were out in force to greet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently and sing his praises about the huge contribution of $4 million for our transportation system.

Smart meters Postmedia File Photo

Hydro pledge a bribe: LETTER

On July 1, 2010 when the Liberals added the PST to our hydro bill, they had no concerns that this was a huge burden on us by taking money out of our pocket.

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