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Brown support, Avista: LETTERS

I have to disagree with Rick Gibbons regarding his piece on Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader (and the province’s next premier) Patrick Brown.

Nuttall flyer: LETTERS

Alex Nuttall’s latest polemic against Omar Khadr is terribly wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Wage hike: LETTERS

Most of the letters I see supporting the $15 minimum wage seem to feel the affected companies are sitting on piles of cash that they are hoarding and won’t share with the poor workers (who agree to work at minimum wage).

Too much booze, erasing history: LETTERS

Your article makes reference to 38 OPP service calls for the 2016 WayHome concert and the township memorandum of understanding refers to “193 calls for service associated with the two major 2016 events on the Burl’s Creek lands.”


Letter: Accountability needed

In an era where social media is given free rein, small groups can spread misinformation without the need to sign their names or support accusations with facts or fairness.

LETTER: Reinstate grants

As thrilled as many of us are to see the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) rule in favour of Burl's Creek, there is still a feeling of regret that it took as long as it did to issue the decision. We were very confident that the OMB would follow the wishes of most of the community and issue their approval. Had it been issued even a few days earlier, it

Readers react to letter: LETTERS

I am wondering where journalistic integrity is when a trite letter to the editor such as this, rife with inaccuracies and outright fallacies, is allowed to be published.

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