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HDC is a full service denture clinic dedicated to making you look, feel and eat your best! We even have a full dental laboratory on site so that we can adjust and repair your dentures without having to send them out to a lab in the city! Most repairs can be done on-site the same day!


Turn back the clock, look and feel your best!

Many denture wearers struggle with sore spots, loose fitting dentures, and poor esthetics due to changes in the gums, face structure and old dentures that have worn down. We specialize in face lift dentures which restore balance and structural support to your face. Once the teeth are removed the face begins to slowly collapse. Face lift dentures build back up the lost facial structure inside the mouth and makes you look like yourself again! No Botox needles or surgery necessary. Properly constructed dentures fill in the sunken areas and restore your natural youthful appearance.


Implant dentures !

We can construct these dentures to fit over as few as two dental implants. Dental implants are quite small, about the size of a tooth root. These implants are made of a material that your body thinks is bone. The jawbone naturally heals around the implant and we attach the denture to the implant with a little dome fastener. This allows you to snap the denture into place and eat without movement or discomfort. Eat whatever you want with confidence. Snap the denture out at the end of the day and brush it as you would a normal denture!


Teeth in a day!

We can also permanently attach your teeth to four or more implants, in one appointment. This procedure means that you’ll never have to wear a denture again!

We have been making people smile since 1988. Jim Harrison DD, Eamon Harrison DD and the whole dental team at HDC are here to help you with whatever your denture related needs may be.


-full dentures

-partial dentures

-implant dentures

-teeth in a day



Jim is the inventor of the world’s first electric denture brush, the Powerdent Pulse. Ask Jim about his experience with the brush on CBC television’s hit show DRAGON’S DEN…..


The clinic is located just 2km south of Collingwood on hwy 124. We specialize in complete and partial dentures, relines, repairs and implant retained dentures.












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