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Taxes and philanthropy: LETTERS

Taxes the main objective


Well, another bright idea from our government: raise the age of buying cigarettes to 21 and double the price.

They really don’t care if kids smoke, but they sure do care about every tax penny they can get.

Kids out on the street smoking now are as young as 12, so what a great idea to raise the age. That will do nothing, our elected officials don’t expect it to, they just want the taxes. They’ve mismanaged our money so badly they are grasping at straws.

Now we can expect to be hit on the head for cigarette money, and these are the same officials who are legalizing marijuana. There again, they don’t care about the people, it’s the taxes they want.

Now I understand they are going to be giving drugs by needle to the addicts. Their excuse is they don’t want them to overdose or get AIDS, or whatever. Taxes!

We are ruled by idiots.

Orma Paterson


The power of giving

Thousands of people around the world come together. Philanthropy is the love of humankind, the desire to promote the welfare of others. In 2012, the government of Canada officially recognized Nov. 15 as National Philanthropy Day. It recognizes and celebrates the desire of Canadians to make the world better through the power of giving.

We are a fortunate community in Simcoe County, and the Districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound, we have many generous philanthropists and community investors who believe in and live to give back to others.

On this day, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Central Ontario, and AFP International, joins local charities in thanking thousands of people in our communities for giving, volunteering and engaging deeply with charities, large and small.

National Philanthropy Day is the day that we all can highlight the accomplishments, large and small, of every donor and volunteer. It’s also a day to inform and educate others, that are seeking the opportunities to change lives, of the charities that are positively impacting our residents in deep and meaningful, life-changing ways.

You are inspiring. AFP Central Ontario provides professional development and research to people working for charities. On behalf of our members, we sincerely and deeply say, “thank you.”

Jeanette Heywood

AFP Central Ontario, president 

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