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‘Well connected’ and ‘Well played’ are tag lines

Bob Bruton

By Bob Bruton, Barrie Examiner

Barrie new logo was unveiled Monday night.

Barrie new logo was unveiled Monday night.

Barrie has a new brand.

City council has approved a new corporate logo, promise and tag lines to replace the 'sun and waves' logo that's been in place for a quarter-century.

The new promise and tag lines are ‘Well connected’ and ‘Well played’.

The new logo bears some resemblance to the current one.

“It’s clean and resembles the previous one. It’s not all visually new,” Mayor Jeff Lehman said.

“‘Well played’ hits on what makes us unique,” he said. “It’s going to set us apart and emphasize our greatest strengths.”

Rebecca James-Reid, Access Barrie’s executive director, noted the city has more than eight tag lines now.

“A tag line is intended to be something easily remembered that entices people to want to learn more,” she said. “With so many tag lines, our message has become unclear and at times confusing.”

‘Well played’ refers to Barrie’s recreation, culture and tourism, while ‘Well connected’ speaks to how residents get around, including highways, airports, commuter trains, etc.

“The objective was to uncover Barrie’s brand identity, one that is credible, relevant, fresh and real, one that will set us apart,” James-Reid said of the re-branding exercise. “We need to honour and respect out past, but modernize the city’s image as we look to the future.”

Cheri Harris, marketing and communications manager, said it’s all about the message.

“We need to tell everyone who we are, where we’re going and why it matters,” she said.

Lehman noted the city’s coat of arms will still be used, as will ‘The People Are the City’.

Physically, the new brand will appear gradually, as business cards are re-ordered, recreation guides are reprinted, signs are replaced, etc.

Barrie has three water towers with the sun and wave logo.

The Bayfield Street tower is to be repainted this fall, and the new brand can be incorporated.

The other two water towers, on Mapleview and Ferndale drives, can be repainted with the new brand for about $30,000 – if it's to be done before the normal repainting.

The two 'Welcome to Barrie' signs along Highway 400 can be re-branded for about $25,000.

Digitally, on the city's website for example, the re-branding would happen right away.

Access Barrie worked with an advisory panel of business leaders and city staff to develop the city's new corporate brand.

The sun-and-waves logo was created by the city's economic development staff 25 years ago. It's used on all public marketing and communications brochures, guides, posters, vehicle decals, digital communications, staff uniforms, etc.


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