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Minimum wage, Trump: LETTERS

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Minimum wage not about employers


(Re: ‘Wage hike irresponsible’ in the June 14 edition of the Examiner)

It would appear that Mark Magner has not had to support himself or his family on a minimum wage.

Before any of us can remember, some cried ‘foul’ when slavery was abolished. How could the economy survive? It depended on free labour!

Then they abolished child labour. How could we cope with losing that source of cheap labour.

Unions fought bitterly for a living wage.

And we adapted to all this.

If a business cannot survive paying a living wage to its employees, maybe it is poorly managed. Maybe it survives through oppression. Maybe it should close its doors.

Maybe we should get used to paying the true cost of goods and services. There are other incomes that should be modified and reduced. The minimum wage is not one of them.

Mel MacIsaac


Planet interconnected

(Re: ‘Trump pulls U.S. out of climate deal’ in the June 2 edition of the Examiner)

The United States of America is the biggest carbon polluter in the history of the world.

The Global South, which did little to create the problem, but now are facing catastrophic changes in the climate.

American President Donald Trump made it very clear, he was ending contributions to the Green Climate Fund.

The United States has pledged by far the most, $3 billion total or $9.41 per capita. Many countries have offered more on a per capita basis. The Swedes, for example, will contribute nearly $60 each.

It is abundantly clear to military around the world that climate change is the mother of all risks to national and global security. Climate change acts as a threat multiplier, exacerbating threats in already unstable regions of the world.

Everything is connected here on Earth. Trump does not appear to understand that fact.

Herein lies the gift Trump has given the world. We will now move on without a disconnected thinker obstructing the path forward.

Cathy Orlando

Citizens Climate Lobby Canada


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