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Barrie's Catching Hold set to release first single

JUSTIN DEMELO, Special to the Examiner

Barrie’s Catching Hold includes, from left, Brett Ramney, Isaac Flemming, Jake Apted and Brandon Pellatt. BROOKE HOLMES/PHOTO

Barrie’s Catching Hold includes, from left, Brett Ramney, Isaac Flemming, Jake Apted and Brandon Pellatt. BROOKE HOLMES/PHOTO

After catching hold of local audiences, a Barrie band is ready to step forward.

Catching Hold has been recording an upcoming single called Ignorance and are also working on an extended play (EP).

“The single is about exactly what the title says; ignorant people who open their mouths without knowing what they’re talking about,” said lead vocalist Brett Ramney.

The band is planning for Ignorance to be released in June followed by the five-song EP the month after.

The melodic metal-core band takes pride in their technical abilities and musical versatility, focusing on complex drumming and emotional guitar to create a unique sound.

“I think what makes our music unique is that we don’t all agree on what style we should make. I’m a djent and melodic metalcore guitarist, so I like to show emotion and make people feel something when they listen to our music,” said guitarist Isaac Flemming. “Our drummer, Brandon, is a progressive metalcore drummer, so he likes to bring some complex parts in as well.

“It keeps the music fresh, and every song is unique as sometimes someone will get more say in a song and that will help focus what style the song will go in,” Flemming added.

The band plays all around Ontario, with a recent show at the Gravity Lounge in Ottawa and most recently in Barrie’s Youth Battle of the Bands at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts this past weekend.

Catching Hold has gone through some challenges during the last couple of years with the loss of their guitarist Viktor Arromba last July and their bassist (who was also a vocalist) less than two weeks apart due to schooling.

With a new lineup consisting of Ramney, Flemming, Brandon Pellat and Jake Apted, the band continues to stay strong and optimistic.

“Hopefully we can perform at bigger venues with bigger bands and hopefully get signed in the future,” said Ramney.

“I’ll be honest, I hope to stay in the band for as long as I possibly can. Me and Brett formed the band in late 2015 and it’s such a big part of my life now,” added Flemming.

Ramney is referred to as the dad of the band. He has sung since the age of 15 and also enjoys playing the drums.

Flemming is not only the band’s guitarist, but also has experience with recording and live audio engineering. Since he was 13, he has been learning a variety of instruments. Flemming has also been a member of numerous bands to add to his experience.

“It all started with me and Isaac three years ago before Catching Hold was formed in 2015,” said Ramney.

Pellat has been a drummer since he was 10 years old, learning to play multiple percussive instruments as well as the guitar, bass and piano. Having obtained Grade 8 theory from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Pellat says he looks forward to attending the Jazz Performance program at Humber College.

Apted is band’s youngest member. The bassist, who is in Grade 11, has played the guitar since he was seven years old and more recently has been honing his talent on the bass.

For more information about Catching Hold, visit catchinghold.wixsite.com/catchingholdofficial

Justin Demelo is a Grade 11 co-op student from St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School. 

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