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U.S. should use opioids to carry out executions

(Re: ‘Justices give men stay of execution,’ in the April 18 edition of the Examiner)

American authorities seem to have endless trouble carrying out executions of their death-row prisoners.

The issue centres around the refusal of manufacturers to sell their drugs for this purpose, but also because existing supplies are near or beyond their expiry dates.

Although I definitely do not condone the death penalty, there is no realistic way a Canadian could influence the American justice system.

However, I do have an idea for them. Why not move into the modern age, and abandon their old-style drug ‘cocktail’?

There is a modern way forward.

They should use OxyContin, fentanyl or some other opioids, and widely advertise this. By so doing, they might finally get through to young people thinking of ‘experimenting’ with opioids.

After all, their use to carry out death sentences should remove any doubt about their great danger.

Peter Bursztyn


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