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Letter: A contradiction



(Re: ‘Salaries could rise; Georgian College’s executive compensation plan could see CEO earning $400K per year’ in the Dec. 31 edition of the Examiner)

I have to comment on the contradictory nature of much of the information in the article on Georgian College and the executive compensation plan.

The Barrie college executive compensation plan flies in the face of their stated goals.

If you are trying to “create a good environment for people,” “compete for talent” and “attract good teachers,” it would follow that working conditions and teamwork would be paramount.

I do not believe that increasing workload and class sizes will achieve that goal. In fact, it seems to directly contradict those goals.

In no other industry would executives claim to be attracting talent by decreasing the quality of the working conditions.

To then give themselves a 45% raise while simultaneously claiming the need for fiscal responsibility and cutbacks appears to be a move planned to insight anger and debate.

To then publicly claim that these moves will create a good environment for people is, at best, deluded.

As a parent of a child who will go to post-secondary, I truly hope that not all such institutions are creating similar environments for their students.

Dan Macdonald


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