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Authors part of Perspective book series in Barrie

By Susan Doolan, Special to Postmedia Network

Authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell will be in Barrie for the Perspective book series. SUBMITTED

Authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell will be in Barrie for the Perspective book series. SUBMITTED

Give Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell a chance and they’ll draw you into a world of intrigue.

Part sci-fi, part fantasy, the planet of Qarradune is the setting for Love at First Plight, a young-adult, fantasy-fiction novel that is the first in the Barrie authors’ Perspective book series.

It’s a place where beauty and horror live side by side. It’s also a place where Giasson and Campbell escaped to during their university history class, where they invented the duel story line about the lives of two 18-year-olds, Irys Godeleva and Megan Wynters.

“We started the book in history class. Our professor would show up and eat breakfast before starting the lecture, (which included) long pauses,” Campbell said. “So Amanda, one day, wrote a starting line from the perspective of a character and I responded. We loved it.”

They continued it beyond class into emailing and live messaging in real time. Each wrote from the perspective of one character and as they didn’t know what each of them was going to write, their reactions in the book were fresh and real.

Fourteen years later, they published Love at First Plight last February and released it online where it has grown through social media and word of mouth. While the adventure story has been geared to young adults, both have been very pleased at the “amazing” reaction from older adult readers.

The second Perspective book has just been released. The sequel to Love at First Plight is called Second Wind. It was launched at Amazon (Kindle) last month and other online retailers over the past few weeks.

The paperback version is expected to launch mid-April.

The book picks up where Love at First Plight finished off.

Both women have enjoyed writing for a long time and both currently work as freelance writers.

Campbell started a professional writing services company called JBC Online in 2002. She moved to Barrie from downtown Toronto eight years ago. Her parents and friends, including Giasson, had already moved here.

Both live within several blocks of each other.

They met while waiting in line at the bookstore for Glendon College of York University.

“I’ve always like writing and creating characters, just for fun,” said Giasson, recalling the early beginnings of her character, Megan Wynters, who grew up on Earth, but found herself on Qarradune without any recollection of how she got there.

Megan was aware of being on a ship, but couldn’t get much more information out of crew. One day, she went exploring the lower level, where she had been told not to go, and discovered Irys, a virtual prisoner.

Irys’ origins are very different from Megan’s. She was born on Qarradune and grew up in a privileged, isolated environment. How they navigate the fantasy universe — with all of its danger, thrills and romance and deceit — will mean the difference living a fairytale and facing a death sentence.

For Giasson, Love at First Plight was her first published book. She has enjoyed writing short stories and poetry. She also likes other art forms ranging from dance to music and acting and the occasional drawing.

Campbell, who writes in the voice of Irys, has previously published two children’s books, Finding Manda’s Sunshine and The Elephant-Wolf.

For more information about the characters, the planet, the books and other fun items such as the YA Book Club, see www.perspectivebookseries.com.

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