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Marchers needed at climate change event

The year 2013 saw many effects of climate change here in Canada and around the world.

There are more frequent and more severe storms, floods, droughts and wildfires, but there is little acknowledgement of the connection to climate change.

Mayor Rob Ford just announced that the recent ice storm was the worst storm Toronto has ever faced and he hopes that it never happens again. Unfortunately that may be wishful thinking.

We have reached the point where we can no longer delay action on climate change. A retired science teacher, I am now a presenter with the Climate Reality Project and a lobbyist with Citizens Climate Lobby.

In two months I will be stepping up my efforts as I join the Great March for Climate Action. It will hopefully see a thousand people walking across America to call for action on climate change. The march starts on March 1, 2014 in Los Angeles and ends Nov. 1 in Washington, DC.

I am walking the first and last parts, a total of 1,000 miles. I will carry a Canadian flag and hope to pass it on to other Canadians to carry for the whole length of the march.

People may join the March for as little as one day. More marchers are needed to draw attention to the climate crisis. Please help spread the word to anyone who may be interested in participating or supporting the Climate March (climatemarch.org).

For you and your children

Anita Payne



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