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Candidates in byelection make their pitch


Barrie's Ward 8 byelection now comes down to one day.

Voting opportunities for electors are on Monday, Dec. 3 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at SouthShore Centre, at 205 Lakeshore Dr.

Residents of the IOOF (10, 10A and 20 Brooks St.) can vote at their facility from 10-11 a.m. on Dec. 3.

Identification will be required at the voting locations. Identification must prove not only the identity of the elector, but also their qualifying address.

Electors are encouraged to bring their voter notification card, as having it will speed up the time it takes to vote.

Electors included on the voters' list for the Ward 8 byelection received their voter notification cards in the mail the week of Nov. 12.

Electors for the Ward 8 byelection are encouraged to check the voters' list to ensure their name is listed. Electors are able to check on the city’s website ( to see if their name is on the voters’ list or contact the City Clerk's Office at 705-728-VOTE (8683) during regular office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Special arrangements for Barrie Transit service have been made and the #39 Hurst bus will be detoured to operate on Lakeshore Drive by SouthShore Centre during the byelection, providing two-way transit service along this road.

Transit users who reside in Ward 8 will be able to transfer to the Hurst bus at the downtown Transit Terminal or along the route to get to SouthShore. Bus passes have been made available on the voter notification cards.

There are 5,835 eligible electors on the Ward 8 voters' list. On voting day in 2010, there were 6,307 eligible electors in Ward 8 and voter turnout was 42.35%.

There are 11 candidates in the race - Deborah Clarke-Whitehouse, David Edwards,Yolanda Gallo, Vicki Howe, Ghulam Jilani, Arif Khan, Don MacNeil, Steven Mallon, Mike Ramsay, Colin Wilson, Herb Yetman.

The Ward 8 byelection is necessary because of Jennifer Robinson's Aug. 1 resignation, due to personal health reasons.



My name is David Edwards and I want to be your councillor for Ward 8.

I moved to Barrie 16 years ago and this is where I met my wife. As a father of four, I am worried about children’s safety and would like to see more speed bumps and stop signs in the ward and surrounding areas.

I am a former Canadian Forces member, which has helped me to learn teamwork and how to focus on goals. I will use these skills to work with you and city council to achieve your goals.

I own and have run a local business (David’s Books) for five years, giving high school students their volunteer hours and interacting with customers from all over the city. This gives me a financial background that allows me to understand budgets and finances, which I will use for you.

Over the next couple of years I will focus on the following areas for you, Ward 8 and the city: help to bring industrial and technical jobs to the city and convincing these employers to hire directly for the city.

I will push for bus routes down Huronia Road to the walk-in clinic and have them also service the subdivisions on Huronia and Lockhart roads.

Ward 8 needs road work, including Holgate and Highcroft, to name a few, and sidewalks for the two subdivisions on Huronia and Lockhart. This includes expanding Bayview Drive and Huronia with sidewalks for pedestrians and local business needs.

Safety on our streets and for our children is very important to me. Speed bumps or permanent stop signs will help control the speeding down our streets. I would like to see more visible police interaction with people in the ward.

I can be reached by phone at 705-720-2665 or by e-mail at, and in person at 12 Commerce Park Dr. at my bookstore, David’s Books.



Deborah Clarke-Whitehouse is a Barrie kindergarten teacher who hasn’t run for political office before, works in Ward 8, but lives in Ward 4.

Born and raised in Barrie, she says she still loves it but change is needed.

“I am thinking we need people on council who have been through struggles, personally, because unless you have been to the bottom, you don’t know what it’s like,” she said. “Most people who are professionals, like I am, don’t ever see the bottom. I’ve seen both sides.

“I think we need younger people on council, right up to the top government,” said Clarke-Whitehouse, 37, who has been a teacher for 14 years.

She also says there should be better contact between citizens and government.

“I know that sounds funny, but I think there needs to be a lot more communicating and assistance for people who are struggling with everyday things,” she said.

Clarke-Whitehouse says she needed help a few years ago but was unable to get it.

“It was very difficult, and I think that if I’m having trouble getting assistance or finding some help for a situation, then I’m sure other people must be,” she said. “I really think we need to have a different way of communicating our needs and our concerns, and more communication for where help is available if you need help.”

Clarke-Whitehouse said she went with her instincts in deciding to run in Ward 8.

“I’ve never enjoyed politics, I have always actually hated it,” she said. “But something came over me. . .this kind of passion in my stomach that is saying to me ‘somebody has to do something’. “I’m going to try. I’ve got to go with my passion and my instincts and that’s what I’m doing.” For information e-mail, or call 705-984-1196.



Full-time councillor is my commitment to Ward 8 and our exceptional City of Barrie. Building and bettering the community is my passion. Knowing the vibrant current council and several staff at City Hall will compliment my abilities to work as a team.

I live in Ward 8 and have for almost 18 years. Issues like the Allandale train station, the annexed land, developments with our waterfront, Park Place, Cumberland Street and having sidewalks on Huronia Road and Bayview Drive warrants having someone in a full-time capacity.

I am not satisfied that only 42% of Ward 8 residents voted in 2010. This will change in 2014. Why? Because after spending the last several weeks knocking on doors, opening doors, engaging people and building trust, I know I can address many of the reasons brought forward to me. That is what I do best.

I will bring municipal politics back to the people where it belongs, and one of the first things I will do is appoint street ambassadors to represent all residents. With this form of communication, I will better serve my people to fulfill my role as a conduit to city hall.

The second thing I am going to do is translate all the political jargon into layman’s terms so that people can understand it and not be intimidated or turned off.

My background in business accounting, fundraising and resource development, public relations and communications has allowed me to raise over $1 million for several not-for-profit organizations.

The multitude of relationships I have built and continue to will be invaluable in moving our city forward, including bringing the film industry to Barrie:

I have the skills to do this full-time job and know how to get a job done. On Dec. 3 ‘Go with Gallo!’ because I care and because I can. To learn more, visit, call 705-241-5488 or e-mail



My name is Ghulam Jilani. Some of you may recognize me from my 2010 municipal campaign for Ward 8.

I am a small business owner who has lived and worked in the city of Barrie for many years. My business has provided me with the opportunity to converse with many Barrie citizens.

My goal and my passion is to sincerely listen to your concerns, needs and suggestions, and aggressively voice them before city council. I will make well-informed, creative and responsible decisions that will positively affect us and our families’ future.

I expect you to hold me accountable and I will provide you with the venue to do so.

Some key issues concerning Ward 8 and the city include industrial development of the annexed land in Ward 8 and the ongoing $28-million lawsuit against the City of Barrie by the Correct Group of Companies for the Allandale land redevelopment.

Also important is the Allandale Recreation Centre refurbishment, spending wisely to make funds available for road improvements, safety and the waterfront, as well as policing and fire department costs and procedures.

It’s time for change and more creative thinking, it’s time to stand up and take control of our community. It’s time to elect someone who truly listens, cares and is willing to fight for what the people, the taxpayers, want and need.

Votes shouldn’t go to a person because of who they know or how much money they have to put into a campaign, or what connections they have.

It’s time to vote for someone who truly intends on moving this community forward for the betterment of its citizens.

For more information please visit my website, , e-mail me at or call 705-770-7877.



As your Ward 8 councillor, I will make a positive difference in the quality of life in our community, and provide a strong voice for you on council.

My concerns are very similar to most of yours…rising utility costs, traffic congestion, responsible spending, user fees, public transportation, smart growth, public safety and job creation, just to name a few.

I have been a resident of Barrie for more than 38 years; my husband and I have lived in Ward 8 over 15 years and have raised our two sons here.

I am passionate about Barrie, and have proven so by being actively involved through various groups and organizations for many years. They include board member and president of Tourism Barrie, Barrie’s Golden Mile BIA, vice-chair, Barrie Chamber of Commerce and Downtown BIA, board member, City of Barrie Economic development advisory committee member, economic development council of Ontario judge, Allandale Heights, Warnica, Innisdale council chair and member, Boy Scouts of Canada, Beaver and Cub leader, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Rotary Club of Barrie, active committee member for various initiatives, Habitat for Humanity — build volunteer and publicity chair for the RCMP’s racing against drugs event.

I have been fortunate to work in Barrie for over 30 years; my professional business expertise and knowledge include finance, development and allocation of annual budgets, marketing, as well as project management.

I believe the keys to a successful city councillor are to be a part of the community they choose to represent, to be well-informed with up-to-date information, accessibility and be a source of positive influence rather than power.

By listening more and talking less, I will assure balance around the council table.

I will be your strong voice to continue improving our community!

Thank you to those who have taken the time to speak to me at your door.

I can be reached at, or 705-331-1054 or .



As a resident and successful business owner in Ward 8, I’ll bring a fresh approach as councillor for Ward 8.

Barrie has grown rapidly from a small rural community to a medium-sized city. Today, we face new challenges that can’t be addressed with the same antiquated thinking as before.

It’s evident that Barrie’s growth has lacked focus and foresight. Past governments believed that taxes from massive residential sprawl would cover the city’s needs. It hasn’t worked as evidenced by our current fiscal predicament and our crumbling infrastructure. Too many Barrie residents now commute to the Greater Toronto Area to earn a respectable living and leave most of their retail dollars in the GTA.

We are a bedroom community and it’s just not acceptable.

If elected, I will encourage council to invest in corporate, commercial and clean industry. Council must also invest in infrastructure and training, so Barrie grows responsibly and has a well-educated labour force at the ready.

Imposition of levies and user fees won’t work. More taxes with diminished service should not be the default solution to poor planning. We must broaden our tax base — not continue to bleed our residents.

As your candidate, it’s not enough to claim to have experience. Past track records often reveal an unsettling truth and a likelihood to continue with the status quo. That’s proved unacceptable today.

I have a strong business background in finance and economics, serving individuals and small to medium-size business.

If elected, I will bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and common sense to the council table for the benefit of our ward and city.

For more information, go to , call 705-812-0788 or e-mail



In a journalism career that spans over 25 years I have been a nationwide broadcaster, at one time the youngest major market talk show host in Canada, a member of NHL and CFL programs as well as working freelance for stations in New York, Atlanta and Spokane.

I am also a published freelance writer and photographer and in the fall of 2008 I was granted a P1 license by the Law Society of Upper Canada. More importantly, I am a proud, long-time and active resident of Ward 8. Currently, I am co-chair of the Allandale Neighbourhood Association. My experience as a community advocate working with a wide range of social, community and government committees and organizations gives me a unique knowledge and understanding of the issues that affect all of Ward 8.

Ward 8 needs effective representation. As a full-time councillor I will be able to greater assist my neighbours. I know the issues, as I live them every day with my neighbours in Ward 8 and that makes a difference.

Over the years you’ve told me what matters to you: safe streets, accessibility and accountability from your representative, value for taxes, job creation, transit and infrastructure improvements and development of the Allandale train land.

Vote for the candidate you think will do the most for our neighbourhood. I have the knowledge, ability, understanding and proven commitment to represent Ward 8 at Barrie City Hall. On Dec. 3, don’t pick the candidate that is running for what’s in it for them. Pick the candidate running for what’s in it for us. Vote for Don MacNeil

I don't just want the job. I want to get the job done.

For more information go to, e-mail or call 705-321-4623.



Living in Barrie for over 25 years, I’m fortunate to have two great children, boys age eight and 11. I own and operate a Ward 7/8 businesses and only hire Barrie residents. I have the opportunity to offer jobs to our young and opportunities to those who wish to work long into their senior years.

I started small, learning curves ensured, while expense and small failures happened.

So why do I think I can make a difference for this ward? I see growth for our children, small business, college students with ideas, teenagers who want good education and social skills to develop and the continued growth of our existing business.

I want to open up avenues by encouraging growth in entrepreneurship and to look at ways to give tax breaks to businesses that wish to hire. I want to give the right for existing business to challenge the status quo, and encourage people young and old to experience financial growth.

We need to look at ideas for repair and growth in respect to infrastructure. Congestion on our roads is a nightmare. I would like a comprehensive look to future growth through a committee, not by government, but by the citizens of this ward. We all must understand that government rules but citizens can change the rules.

The city gets more taxes and more money in its pocket. We, as residents, should get a little back off our household taxes.

I live, play and work in the community, as I am sure most of you do. We need to speak with one strong voice and get our concerns addressed in council. I will listen to those concerns and if elected, I ensure they will get heard and debated in council.

The people of this ward know what needs to be improved, not government, so I ask for your support and elect me to be your voice in council.

For more information, visit, e-mail, or call 705-796-1486.



I am a Barrie boy, born and raised.

I have served 13 years on city council — elected and re-elected to four terms.

I have a solid track record for doing my best to represent the views and best interests of the people of not just my own neighbourhood, but all neighbourhoods throughout our community.

I believe we must always place the public interest over special interests.

This is why many people of Allandale turned to me for support in standing up and opposing the ill-fated YMCA on the waterfront — the so-called ‘mistake by the lake’.

I also led the charge on city council a few years ago against allowing the proposed ethanol plant on the former Molson site, because I knew this would be detrimental to the health and well-being of our citizens.

This is a mid-term byelection. Only two years remain.

We need to elect a councillor for Allandale who can ‘hit the ground running’.

Major questions are now facing Ward 8.

Decisions must be made soon after this byelection on issues ranging from the future use of the Allandale station to major planning and development approvals for the newly acquired land at the south end.

I want to set aside more new land for job creation. I will work to put in place smart growth plans that include guaranteed protection for environmentally sensitive land.

I want to continue, as I have on previous councils, to acquire additional waterfront land around the lake and keep it for public use.

I will work to have more housing for seniors.

We need a cap on water and sewer rate increases that have recently skyrocketed. Growth should pay for growth and not be put on the backs of existing ratepayers.

Experience does matter.

For more information on Mike Ramsay, go to, call 705-717-9166 or e-mail



Our move to Allandale in 1993 began our Barrie experience. My daughters completed their primary and secondary education in Ward 8.

Community involvement here included serving Christmas dinner to the homeless gathered in Hi-Way Church’s basement and being a director for a non-profit seniors’ homes facility.

My former role as senior mutual fund product manager developed in me communication skills I have nurtured since in personal and professional pursuits.

Several issues facing us will impact our commitment to community and responsible fiscal management. These require understanding and articulate communication of often complex issues toward solving them.

Barrie lags as a desirable destination for commerce and industry given the development charges (DCs) that stunt this growth. A study found Barrie’s DCs to be more than double that of our group’s average for commercial development among Ontario municipalities.

Many municipalities exempt developers from DCs to attract new industry.

Revisiting these charges must be fast-tracked to entice industry and sustainable jobs. Revitalization of our industrial park must also assume greater importance.

Young families want and need their own homes. Responsibly changing ‘second suite’ bylaws will encourage many to buy homes with income from legal second suites.

This will help Barrie’s young families.

The mayor’s vision for Barrie’s transit system echoes my own in bringing it into the 21st century. My concern is that eliminating routes may impact ridership against hopes for improving it.

Council’s consideration of a ‘temporary’ levy to fund millions in projects requires re-examination or refining vision to fit reality. As your voice, I will work to keep alive the grander visions over narrower ones.

As Ward 8 councillor, I will execute my mandate with a commitment to communicate.

If you would like your questions answered or to volunteer for my Ward 8 campaign, e-mail me at, or call my cellphone at 705- 220-5953.



Colin Wilson has been active in Ward 8 for many years. His candidacy is endorsed by community activists, environmentalists, business leaders and Ward 8 citizens.

Colin is an active member of the executive of the Allandale Neighbourhood Association.

Since declaring his candidacy in September, Colin has called on fellow ward residents to hear their concerns. He wants to curb speeding and institute intersection calming. He wants police presence to reduce vandalism and break-ins. He wants expanded community watch programs.

Colin’s contribution on council will be bringing higher paying jobs to Barrie. He believes in technology and research and development. He will promote a planned ‘energy park’ in the south-end of the ward. He believes we can expand the data centre cluster.

The critical need in Barrie is jobs for our younger people. He wants regular job fairs with participation by Georgian College and its university partners.

Colin recognizes that areas other than Allandale need revitalization as historic neighbourhoods. In building our neighbourhoods, we build a stronger, more livable Barrie.

Colin came to Barrie in 1984, to study at Georgian. He suffered a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident, but returned to complete a technology diploma in mechanical engineering.

Today, Colin works for the Canadian taxpayer in strategic business planning, quality monitoring and risk management for Public Works and Government Services Canada.

He provides services to federal departments and agencies in Ontario. Colin has a teenage daughter. He is an avid cyclist and a competitive adaptive rower. He volunteers with Barrie’s advisory committee on accessibility and with Barrie’s community health centre.

His close links to the ward, his understanding of our community, the city’s need for more industry and his expertise in planning, will make Colin a major asset to Barrie council.

For more information, visit, e-mail or call 705-718-0930.

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