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New homes on Ferndale

Bob Bruton

By Bob Bruton, Barrie Examiner

A public meeting will be held Monday on a plan to add 184 mixed residential units to central-west Barrie.

Previn Court Homes wants to build 12 single-family homes, 60 townhouses, 112 apartments and a commercial component on nearly 19 acres of land at 180 Ferndale Dr. - which is south of Edgehill Drive and north of Lennox Drive.

But neighbours are already concerned about how this project will affect their property values and privacy.

Wayne and Lisa Dennis, who live on Edgehill Drive, want a fence to protect them from dumping and trespassing.

"It has been brought to our attention the buffer has been removed and it being low-density housing, no fence will be required - which we are against," they wrote in a letter to the city.

"We want a chain-link fence or a board-on-board fence to separate us from the subdivision."

Eight other area residents have their names attached to a letter complaining about noise pollution, increased traffic and the effects on safety from the proposed development.

These residents are also concerned about property values, which they feel could decrease by 15% if the development is approved.

'Other properties in Ward 5 have seen an increase in their property values,' their letter says. 'However, our homes in this area of Ward 5 have seen a decrease due to the proximity to the (Sandy Hollow) landfill and to commercial property, an increase in rental properties and a proposal for a school (near) Pringle Park that has been dismissed.'

These residents also say the development would have an impact on the environment, and to the plants and animals native to the site and the surrounding area.

This property is designated, in Barrie's Official Plan, and zoned residential, open space and environmental protection.

Previn Court Homes has applied to add a commercial component to its zoning. Its draft plan of subdivision was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2003 and draft approval extensions have been granted on a number of occasions.

Previn is also asking that the approved draft plan of subdivision be amended to allow this mix of homes, townhouses and apartments, commercial use, a park and stormwater drainage pond.

A public meeting is one of the first steps in Barrie's planning process. Comments from the public are considered by city planning staff, who prepare a report - with recommendations - for Barrie councillors.

Monday's meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Barrie City Hall.

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