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Don't bash Catholics for being tolerant

(Re: 'School system perfect place for wage freezes' in the Jan. 3 edition of the Examiner)

The principles of Catholic teaching are a body of doctrine developed by the Catholic church on matters of the social teaching, poverty and wealth, economics, social organization and the role of the state.

It advocates, economic distribution and condemns socialism, and is also derived from concepts present in the Bible.

According to Pope John Paul II, its foundation rests on the threefold cornerstones of human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity.

These concerns echo elements of Jewish law and the prophetic books of the Old Testament, and recall the teachings of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament. I personally don't have a problem with homosexuals; I do with people who claim to be religious and God-fearing and yet they inflict atrocities all over the world in the name of Allah.

Homosexuals are abiding citizens who pay their taxes, are hard workers and most are very successful in life. What they do behind closed doors is their business, not society's. Bible's teaching is against homosexuality, like many other religions including Judaism and Islam.

However, I don't condone it, but embrace it for Jesus taught us to love and respect one another and not judge for we will be judged by God.

In Islamic laws, homosexuality is worthy of a severe penalty. In the case of a homosexual, it is dealt with first through harsh beating, and if he/she repeats the act, the death penalty is to be applied.

In most Islamic States homosexuality is active and vibrant, but it's hidden from the culture for fear of punishment by death.

The suicidal rate in the Middle East is very high coming from cross-genders and homosexuals because there are no resources to help them cope and talk about their sexuality in any way, shape or form, for it is completely, absolutely forbidden in the Qu'ran. So don't bash the Catholic system because we are tolerant and give the other cheek.

Won't you look at all other religions on how they perceive homosexuality, rather than bash our church.

Monti Hannona Barrie

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