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Foodstock was delicious success

The North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) thanks everyone who helped make Foodstock a tremendous success, raising a significant sum in the fight to protect this uniquely beautiful and productive farming area.

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing champions of local food, the chefs of the Canadian Chefs Congress and their visionary president, Michael Stadtlander, who created the wonderful delicacies that nourished the thousands of concerned citizens attending the event.

Thanks also to the incredibly talented musicians who entertained us, to First Nations representatives and other speakers, and to the legions of dedicated volunteers who worked countless hours to make Foodstock a reality.

NDACT appreciates the participation of the French family of Lennox Farms, the Vander Zaag family of Vander Zaag Farms and the Black family of JD Black Farms for allowing Foodstock to be staged on their lands.

Thanks also to the media who continue to cover and bring attention to this matter.

Finally, thank you to the 28,000 supporters who travelled from across Ontario to join us on Sunday, Oct. 16 to make Foodstock such an amazing community experience.

Foodstock was the largest food protest in the history of Ontario -- and possibly Canada.

Dufferin County has never had so many visitors in one day and it was thrilling to see people from far and wide come to our small farming community in solidarity against the Highland Companies' mega quarry application.

For six magical hours we were treated to spectacular food, incredible music, mercurial weather and an overwhelming sense of community.

The resounding success of Foodstock sends a clear message to provincial and federal politicians that the people of Ontario will not accept threats to water and food security.

We oppose the Highland Companies' proposed megaquarry in the Township of Melancthon. We call on our elected officials to ensure that quarrying activities are never allowed on prime agricultural lands and that below-the-water-table extraction never takes place on or near important water recharge areas.

The monies raised at Foodstock will engage the experts required to scrutinize every step of the licence approval process. In the meantime, we will continue to apply pressure to stop this application.

The proposed mega quarry would be the largest open-pit limestone mine in Canada and as such should be a Canadian concern.

Please communicate again with your provincial and federal elected representatives to ensure they are aware of the costs to taxpayers inherent in this megaquarry.

Ask your representatives to support the appointment of a joint panel review, bringing federal interests into the provincial environmental assessment process.

Finally, the application process grants few public input opportunities and has short response time frames -- we need to be ready to act.

Thank you for your ongoing vigilance.

For photos, videos and articles about Foodstock. please visit www.ndact.com.

Carl Cosack Shelburne

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