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Training for an emergency

By Ian McInroy, Barrie Examiner

Base Borden - Simcoe County paramedics and CFB Borden personnel honed their emergency response skills during a variety of scenarios at the base Thursday afternoon.

More than 100 CFB Borden auxiliary security forces and firefighters, as well as Simcoe County paramedics, took part in training exercises at the base on Thursday. The exercises ensure county paramedics and base personnel are prepared to work together in the event off an emergency.

The base's auxiliary security force, consisting of military personnel selected from units across the base, are equipped and trained to assist military police during times of an increased security alert.

Thursday's exercise included firefighters responding to a 'fire' in the four-level 30-foot tall concrete burn tower used by the bases firefighting school for training, according to Warrant officer William Elliott, Canadian Forces firefighter.

While in their bunker gear and self contained breathing apparatus, firefighters performed an interior attack on the blaze and removed 'hose head dummies' (bits of old fire hose filled with sand) from the structure, which were substituted by 17 firefighter students acting as simulated casualties, complete with bloodied faces, exposed gashes in their legs and other injuries.

"You have to train like it's reality. When it is real, everybody knows their job," Elliott said.

It's the first time Simcoe County paramedics have taken part in the simulations.

"The best way (to deal with a disaster) is not to wait for an emergency to happen. People from the county and the military have to be able to work together," said base commander Col. Louis Meloche. "This a joint operation. Everybody has to pull together. If we get into mass casualties, they have resources and we have resources."

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