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It's time to change the way we can sell liquor

If Ontario was really serious about easing Ontario's liquor laws so responsible adults can enjoy a beer with less bureaucracy, the government should be looking at the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores -- not just festivals and tailgate parties. We know this is something Ontarians want.

In 2010, pollster Angus Reid asked Ontarians about beer and wine in convenience stores and 63% immediately supported the idea. Many Canadians outside Ontario have enjoyed this convenience for decades.

But the government has already frowned on the idea with Tourism Minister Michael Chan stating he's got "a great deal of confidence in the LCBO."

If that's really the case, the provincial government should be supremely confident in the abilities of the convenience store industry to responsibly sell alcohol. Not only do we have a better age-check system, our record in testing for age is better than the LCBO, or Beer Store. And if that wasn't enough, we already run over 200 locations in Ontario where our stores sell all types of beer, wine and liquor.

If the provincial government wants to cut responsible adults a little slack, they should be looking at how they can actually make it more convenient for people to buy beer for the weekend, or the wine for dinner.

Dave Bryans

President, Ontario Convenience Stores Association

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