ChicBoxing kicks in


After two years of travel, Sara Walton settled in Barrie where she developed a business.

Now the personal trainer is becoming an entrepreneur, taking ChicBoxing to other Ontario communities.

"It's somewhat like franchising," she explains, "licensing others for more ChicBoxing locations."

After working at a local gym and then branching off on her own teaching yoga and fitness bootcamp, Walton developed her own fitness regime, ChicBoxing.

Walton started with a degree in nutrition, and developed a career in fitness, getting certifications in personal training, fitness and kickboxing instruction.

She found there was a demand for a women-only program, one that incorporates all aspects of fitness and self defence while working the "combat craze" into the workouts. There program concentrates on core strengthening and improving cardio as well as strength.

The result, she said, is one intense, super-sweaty, hour-long workout. And that's due in part to her women-only approach, which is two-fold.

Walton found that many women were a bit fearful of co-op combat programs, because they might be on the receiving end of something a little more aggressive than they had in mind.

Second, she said, is the full-body workout and the perspiration it generates -- not a sight for all to see.

Walton has been renting space from the Barrie Rowing Club at the Southshore Community Centre during winters, and conducts the courses at waterfront parks during the summers.

Currently, ChicBoxing classes are available in Orillia as well, but Walton is working on developing locations in Southern Ontario, focusing on Toronto and surrounding communities.

"My first class I sold out within 48 hours," she said.

Currently, Walton is running two six-week classes. She runs up to six classes at one time.

Her focus is to have 20 new instructors offering the program in Ontario cities by the end of the year.

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