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MS treatment needs approval right now

(Re: "MS 'conspiracy' must be stopped, in the July 13 edition of the Examiner)

In response to the excellent letter of the day by Steven Price, he has hit the nail on the head. I write this letter to both agree with his thoughts and expand on them.

My wife is also a multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer and has tested positively for CCSVI by Dr. Sandy MacDonald, whose support of MS patients has been nothing short of heroic.

I believe there is another element of this conspiracy that Mr. Price does not touch on. The pharmaceutical industry holds influence over these types of issues. It has a huge lobby and many political connections.

As Mr. Price says, this is about money. The drug companies have been working on and introducing treatments for MS sufferers and have no doubt invested a great deal of money in doing so.

Along comes the Liberation treatment, which is shown to be infinitely more effective than any chemical treatment, and the very society that claims to advocate for MS sufferers, as well as many neurologists, describe it as a 'hoax.'

Much of the MS Society of Canada's fundraising money ends up going to the pharmaceutical companies for

'research', yet funding required for the 'research' of CCSVI is a pittance.

I think we all agree that CCSVI needs to be studied but as Mr. Price said, study the immense amount of evidence that already exists. The benefits of this treatment expressed in terms of percentages of positive outcome absolutely dwarfs any pharmaceutical treatment to date.

Would common sense not dictate an immediate and exhaustive look at this? Untold amounts of suffering could be avoided and our stressed medical system could be spared massive amounts of expense if this treatment proves to be as effective as it appears.

This treatment is not utilizing some unknown or new technology, it is merely employing it in an another part of the body. The refusal by the medical field to support this is nothing short of suspicious.

I know many of you support the MS Society through fundraising efforts every year. On behalf of all MS patients and their families I plead with you to ask why CCSVI is not being taken seriously by the society.

Please demand of our political leaders that sufficient resources be granted to the study and implementation of CCSVI and the Liberation treatment.

Kevin Davis Thornton

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