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Medieval times in Barrie


Centennial Beach became a medieval stage when the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) demonstrated a heavy-weapon combat and period culture Tuesday night.

The international society has 17 kingdoms, with Barrie included in the Ealdormere kingdom, which Rob Nicholson, head of the local chapter, said is open to new members.

"It's a great social gathering," he said. "The more people that come out, the more we have to train with and have a good time."

He said people will get a sense of the seventh to 17th century periods through the weaponry and the atmosphere SCA's 16th kingdom creates.

"It's a historical re-enactment group for educational purposes and enjoyment," he said. "It's for anyone into history, or fighting."

Squire fighting, a form of training with bamboo swords, will make up the evening's fighting demonstrations.

"We don't want to injure others, so we use a rattan sword of solid bamboo," said Nicholson. "It won't break, or splinter, or cause injuries in any way."

The group meets every Tuesday night at 28 Currie St., and Nicholson said the combat training is a great workout.

The demonstration runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., but is subject to weather.

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