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Pigs really do fly

Lance Holdforth

If there is anything Pink Floyd fans have become aware of over the years, it would be pigs actually do fly.

While residents of the Barrie were celebrating Canada Day on Wednesday, around 12:30 p.m., Rock 95's 18-foot inflatable pig - 'Pinky' - took to the skies.

The $7,000 helium filled pig broke from its tether and was carried away by heavy gusts of wind in a north-easternly direction.

"It's sort of a WKRP moment with the thing missing," station manager, Doug Bingley said.

The radio station has received reports of sightings from Beaverton and Parry Sound, but the whereabouts of the pig is still unknown.

Bingley said the pig is equipped with built-in panels that pop the inflatable when it reaches altitudes between 3,000 to 4,000 feet.

"Maybe I'll call the airforce to shoot it down," Bingley said.

The pig was manufactured in Ontario by the same company former Pink Floyd member, Roger Waters, uses for pigs in his stage shows.

In 1977 during a photo shoot for the Pink Floyd album Animals, a similar incident happened when an inflatable pig used broke free and flew over the city of London for hours before being shot down.

Since then, numerous publicity stunts mimicking the flying pig have happened, but Bingley says this is not the case.

"Its not a stunt, but its not the first time this has happened. We had a blimp for Kool FM and that got away a few years ago."

The station is offering a $1,000 reward for the pig.

"We do want it back dead or alive," Bingley said.

"One person did try to say they found the pig but it turned out to be a stuffed animal with a Rock 95 sticker on it," he said.

Pinky is insured and the station has already ordered a replacement, but Bingley wants to keep this one.

"I'd be very upset if we lost another pig. I loved that pig."

The Ministry of Transport was contacted and Bingley was relieved to hear the pig would pose no threat to aircraft because of the built-in panels.

If you have seen Pinky or have information on its whereabouts, call Rock 95 at 725-7304.

Lance Holdforth is the Examiner's intern from Humber College

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