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Camp Mirage no resort

Ian Shantz

Sun Media's Ian Shantz is making his way to Afghanistan. He is currently

at Camp Mirage - a Canadian Forces forward logistics base located in the Middle East.

This is an update to his ongoing travel blog:

Camp Mirage feels a bit like a down-home camping resort, one found in Wasaga Beach, perhaps.

We arrived, entered a big building that resembled an empty warehouse, then took a quick tour of the base that serves as a support bridge to Canadian and other forces fighting insurgents in Afghanistan.

Here, there are glowing lights - the kind you'd hang from your tent trailer - all over the place. There's a basketball court, a couple of beach volleyball courts, and there's a slow pace (though I'm sure not always).

The difference with this base - in comparison to the Wasaga-type "resorts" - is found in front of the mess hall.

A makeshift memorial has been set up in honour of the Canadians who have died in combat in Afghanistan. It's a small monument, and sadly, it's in need of an upgrade. More names need to be added, as more people are dying.

No, this is not a resort. It's a lifeline for Canadians serving in Afghanistan. It's Camp Mirage: for many, one last chance at a few of life's little luxuries. After this, the luxuries dwindle.

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